Wednesday , March 29, 2017

MABAS Wisconsin Officers and Committees


Ed Janke - President
Randy Pickering - Vice President
Andrew Jensen - Secretary
Quentin Popp - Treasurer

Thomas Barthman - WC Coordinator
Bruce Hedrington - SW Coordinator
Ben Schoenborn - EC Coordinator
William Rice - SE Coordinator
Tim Magnin - NE Coordinator
Phil Bochler - NW Coordinator
Keith Tveit - MABAS Fire Coordinator


Steve Hansen, Chair
Randy Pickering
Carl Guse
Tim O'Neil - Delevan Fire
Jim Mayer - North Shore Fire

Training & Education

Keith Tveit - Chair
Mark Pierce - South Shore Fire and Rescue
Bruce Hedrington - Beloit Fire
Rick Hammond
William Rice - Grafton Fire
Renee Monestero
Andy Jensen
Tim Haas
Chuck Nye

Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

Rick Merryfield - Chair
William Rice
Mark Mitchell - Port Washington
Joe Knitter

Finance and Funding

Quentin Popp - Chair
Rod Smith - Elkhorn Fire
James Hanson
Mike DeBruler

Website Management

Peter O Leary - Chair

Dean Nelson
Bruce Hedrington
Steve Hansen

Newsletter and History

Paul Guilbert
Gary Schmidt

Liaison and Legislative

Randy Pickering - Chair
Brad Liggett
Ed Janke

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